Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bump in the Night

As school is taking up the very vast majority of my time, it's only fitting to reflect that here. All the hard work that goes into schoolwork should be justified by more than just presenting your work in class!
Here's my favorite project of late, whose official name, I believe, would translate from Hebrew into "peepholes." Very sophisticated.

This assignment, given in my Interactive Design course this semester, was to create something with three peepholes, with the option of interpreting the term as loosely as an art student could dream. I, being very Shana self, went for a literal interpretation. 

I set to work, very late into the night, with Monsters Inc. as my background noise, building a little paper bedroom in a box.
The monster under the bed

Something in the closet

Creeping by the window
It was pretty funny to see my little cardboard bedroom sitting next to all the architectural structures my classmates had set up, but that's me! While the outside (not pictured - yet!) needs some work, I really love the view from each of the angles peeking into the bedroom. Although I do feel bad for scaring this little guy so many times. If you're interested in seeing my Interactive Design course blog, which may or may not be interesting to anyone other than the teacher, you can check it out at here.