Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Television Sketches

These days, I seem to be sitting around mostly, waiting for school to start, or for something interesting to happen. Naturally, I end up watching plenty of television. Presently, catching up on seasons upon seasons of Buffy. The problem is that Buffy, like most TV shows for that matter, doesn't occupy my mind as much as I need it to. Keeping my hands busy tends to work, and my favorite way of keeping my hands busy is drawing. Thus, my most common activity becomes watching television and sketching away.
Reject concept for Illustration Friday's "Rescue"
 Maybe all the punching and staking and romance in Buffy affects my drawings more than I realized.
Occasionally, when lacking inspiration, I'll end up drawing (hey, a pun!) on the episodes I'm watching. It's fun to try and catch moments or snippets from the screen, especially when the actors are all just so darn pretty! Veronica Mars and Grey's anatomy inspired a whole slew of mouth sketches, sort of a study. 

I think lips and hands are my new favorite parts of the human anatomy to draw. 
Not noses, though, noses are just bizarre.

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